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Each month, we will spotlight a student from New Mexico who is involved in various athletics and/or activities.  Here’s a look at this month’s Dion’s Student Spotlight.  She participates in sports year-round with volleyball, basketball, cheer, and track.  This spring she helped her team win a state championship in track and field. She comes from an athletic family.  “I’ve always been involved in sports since I was little and grew up around it,” she said.  “All of my family is competitive, we are not allowed to play board games,” she joked. She believes that working with a team and setting goals beyond yourself can teach you lifelong skills to be successful. “You learn how to deal with success and failure that will help you your entire life. I love sports so much and can’t imagine my life without it.  I always have to have something in front of me that I’m running and reaching for.  It’s fun for me.”

Meet senior Isabelle Sena from Melrose High School.

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