Student Leadership Advisory Council (SLAC)


Purpose: The New Mexico Activities Association Student Leadership Advisory Council is comprised of 15 students representing the NMAA’s member high schools and its structure mirrors that of the NMAA Board of Directors.  The NMAA’s SLAC gives high school students a hands-on experience with the Association and provides them a direct line of communication to the staff.  In addition, the SLAC is a vehicle for the promotion of the Compete with Class initiative on a peer-to-peer level.

Responsibilities: The SLAC meets twice a year:  once at the NMAA/NMADA Fall Conference and Annual Meeting and once during the NMAA State Basketball Championships. There will be student leadership breakout sessions during the Fall Conference for the members of the SLAC each year and the members of the Council will assist the NMAA staff with workshop sessions for Athletic Directors and other attendees.  In addition, members of the SLAC will assist with awards ceremonies at NMAA state championship events.

Other functions of the SLAC include the development of an NMAA Student Leader Handbook which will be posted on the NMAA web site, as well as assisting with the creation of public service announcements addressing the core values of Compete with Class, which will be utilized during NMAA State Championship events.  The eventual creation of an annual NMAA Student Leadership Conference will be a goal of the SLAC.  The Conference will be run by members of the SLAC and will be held during the summer.

The SLAC will be the voice of students from their respective regions within the NMAA governance structure and its members will offer input and suggestions to NMAA staff relative to current issues facing students.  The SLAC will promote a positive image of students participating in interscholastic competition and will assist in the development of campaigns to promote Compete with Class, Life of an Athlete and other NMAA and NMAA-related initiatives (i.e., officials’ recruitment and hospitality, NMAA Foundation events, etc.).


SLAC Instagram Account – @nmaaslac

2022-2023 SLAC MEMBERS

First Name Last Name School
Kaydence Platero Shiprock High School
Joshua Patchell Bosque High School
Lincoln Alcon Mora High School
Reagan Clark Des Moines High School
Marisol Herrera Volcano Vista High School
Jorianne Mirabal Magdalena High School
Ibree McCorvey Hobbs High School
Sofia Sepulveda Lovington High School
Brock Burns Logan High School
Lacy Lesly Melrose High School
Benjamin Thieman Mayfield High School
Alizae Torres Silver High School
Brennan Shock Cliff High School
Alexa Ordonez West Mesa High School
Chistopher Nevarez Cottonwood Classical
Charles Carreathers Rio Rancho High School
Bodee Bratcher Clovis Christian School
Jasmine Kennedy Capitan High School


Tammy Richards (NMAA)
505.923.3278 (office)
505.923.3114 (fax)

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