The NMAA Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Monday thru Friday)

  • Sally Marquez
    Sally Marquez Executive Director

    Telephone: 505.923.3267
    Email: sally@nmact.org
    Basketball (Tyler), Spirit, Alignment/Classification
    All Day-to-day operations

  • Dusty Young, CAA
    Dusty Young, CAA Associate Director

    Telephone: 505.923.3268 or 505.977.5385
    Email: dusty@nmact.org
    Baseball, Football, Media Relations, Membership, NMAA Foundation, Esports, Chess, JROTC

  • Shari Kessler-Schwaner
    Shari Kessler-Schwaner Business Manager / Building Manager

    Telephone: 505.923.3279
    Email: shari@nmact.org

  • Scott Owen, CAA
    Scott Owen, CAA Assistant Director of Sports

    Telephone: 505.923.3273 or 505.977.5381
    Email: s.owen@nmact.org
    Wrestling, Tennis, Hardship, Sports Medicine, Eligibility, Athletic Training Challenge, Powerlifting

  • JP Murrieta
    JP Murrieta Sports Information Director

    Telephone: 505.379.4305
    Email: jp@nmact.org
    Social Media, Website, Feature Writing, Compete with Class, Media

  • Zac Stevenson
    Zac Stevenson Commissioner of Officials

    Telephone: 505.923.3277
    Email: zac@nmact.org

    Officials, NMOA, Music, NASO, Golf

  • Tyler Dunkel
    Tyler Dunkel Assistant Director of Sports

    Telephone: 505.923.3295
    Email: tyler@nmact.org
    Baseball, Asst. Spirit,  Max Preps, Technology, Website, Forms, Social Media, Publications, Records/Archives, NMAA App, Go Fan

  • A.J. Bramlett
    A.J. Bramlett NMAA Sports Properties General Manager

    Telephone: 505.923.3271
    Cell: 505.688.3764
    Email: aj@nmact.org
    Corporate Development, Marketing

  • Chris Kedge, CAA
    Chris Kedge, CAA Assistant Director of Sports

    Telephone: 505.923.3276
    Email: chris@nmact.org
    Co-Track/Field, Soccer, Ejections, Life of an Athlete, Officials, BPA, DECA, FCCLA, HOSA, Science Fair, Science Olympiad, Skills USA, TSA

  • Jackie Martinez
    Jackie Martinez Assistant Director of Sports

    Telephone: 505.923.3281
    Email: jackie@nmact.org
    Cross Country, Swim/Dive, Co-Track & Field, Hotel Sponsors, Coach Licensure, Director’s Cup, English Expo, Mock Trial, Scholastic Publications, Participation Survey, Hospitality

  • Tammy Richards
    Tammy Richards Assistant Director of Sports

    Telephone: 505.923.3278
    Email: tammy@nmact.org
    Volleyball, Softball, Bowling, One Act Play, FFA, Educators Rising, Speech & Debate, Student Council, Jr./Mid.High, NMADA, AD Mentorship Program, SLAC, Activities Council, Mental Health, Officials

  • Alissa Wesbrook
    Alissa Wesbrook Assistant to Executive Director

    Telephone: 505.923.3266
    Email: alissa@nmact.org

  • Carl Vigil
    Carl Vigil Sports Director/Assistant to the Officials

    Telephone: 505-923-3286
    Email: carl@nmact.org

    Officials, Asst. Basketball Director

  • Annette Castillo
    Annette Castillo Bookkeeper

    Telephone: 505-595-3402
    Email: annette@nmact.org

  • Mindy Ioane
    Mindy Ioane Graphic Designer / Special Events Coordinator

    Telephone: 505.923.3280
    Email: mindy@nmact.org

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