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Los Lunas High School student Justin Hackney bowled a perfect 300 game earlier this month at Silva Lanes in Albuquerque.  It was his first perfect game after years of practice.

“It felt great because I wasn’t expecting to get a 300,” he said.  “It was an overall achievement I don’t think I can replicate.”  His previous high was in the 250 range.

Once you get strike after strike and realize what’s on the line, you might start to get a little nervous about not breaking up the perfect game.  Justin didn’t find himself getting anxious with each frame.

“It was not as bad as I thought,” the high school junior described.  “It wasn’t until the tenth frame when it got a little stressful.”

He’s been bowling since he was the age of 4.  He stayed with bowling after sampling other sports and decided to stay with the one he was having the most success with.  “I tried every other sport and I didn’t like it,” he said.  “It takes a lot of concentration and remembering to follow through and don’t stress over things.”

Now that he’s accomplished the perfect game, can he do it again?  “I think it will be a while before I get another one,” he admitted.

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