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Born in Clovis, raised in Roswell and he lives in Cloudcroft.  Senior Jason Lynch gets around the state.  “It’s great, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else,” is how Lynch describes his high school experience.

He plays football for the Bears and describes himself as ‘surprising’.  “I never saw myself in the backfield on offense or defense, but I’ve been able to start in both positions this year.”

He’s not the biggest kid on the field at just 5’7” and 138 pounds, but he makes the most of his frame.  His body took a toll following an off-the-field accident.  Jason wrecked a dirt bike and broke his back in three different places.  “Broke two ribs, dislocated my shoulder and collarbone and just tore up my whole right side.  I couldn’t play my junior year because of it, but I came out this year, still overcoming it, and I’m pushing to become better over it.”

Sitting and watching might have been the hardest part of his recovery.  “It was hard having to watch everybody else go out there and practice and play every week when I couldn’t be out there to hardly stand up most of the time.  I’m definitely happy that I came out and been able to make something of it.”

Jason takes the setback as a learning experience to grow stronger physically and mentally.

“Honestly I thought this year was going to be difficult for me.  We’ve made an accomplishment believing in greatness and making myself something I didn’t think I could be and pushing myself to things I didn’t think I could do yesterday.”

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