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Last weekend was the first high school athletic competition in New Mexico in over 11 months.  Several schools took part in small cross country meets around the state with new COVID-19 Guidelines to provide a safe environment for the student athletes.  The reaction from coaches and students was overwhelmingly positive.

“It’s been over a year since we had the opportunity to race.  Yes, we have to take precautions and stay six feet apart, but it’s worth it, as long as we’re getting to race.”-Adrianna Casaus, Cuba High School

“It’s hard for me to contain the excitement I feel right now.  Just seeing the teams come in and start to warm up and seeing student athletes actually doing something…how amazing! We are beyond grateful.  The gratitude I feel for these student athletes to be able to participate is just extraordinary.”-Jeaney Garcia, Bosque School

“It was Awesome! Lots of positive energy from all the coaches and teams. Looking forward to hosting again next year.”-Laura McNeill, Portales High School

“The meet went well.  It means a lot to the kids.  Being back out there is so good for them.”-Henry Smith, Miyamura High School

“It was different, but the course was laid out well.  We ran two flights, which really helped.  Next week we are hosting a meet that will be run on school property for the very first time.”-Fern Spencer, Tohatchi High School

“We had a great experience getting our first race under our belt. There was excitement, there was nervousness, there was the overall anticipation that we have waited a long time for. A lot of preparation that was done in such a short period of time for both runners and coaches alike.  Our student athletes showed a lot of determination as we began our season. Our program does not see this season as a short season; we only see this as an opportunity to continue to run and compete. For some athletes, this is their release from the monotony of this past year. Being locked in the house for so long, our athletes were excited to be able to race again.  We are excited to continue our season and we look forward to the future of New Mexico Cross Country.”-Kyle Benally, Gallup High School

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