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With the cancellation of spring sports, many coaches and student athletes have been sending positive messages of encouragement to their teammates.  Here is a sample of some of the postings on social media:


“The pain is real and I am sad to say so is the virus. We have talked so much about overcoming adversity in the game of baseball. How do you move on after an error, after a strikeout or after a tough loss. You all have experienced these things since you were little in the game of baseball. You all have done it well and as a team which I am proud of. Now you have to do it in the game of life.
Baseball has been and will continue to be only a tool to help you excel in the game of life. I know this hurts, I know it’s not fair, I know you feel cheated and I know you expected to hold that blue trophy this year as I also knew you could. You can sit here and come up with a thousand reasons why it’s not fair and why me, but don’t let those words define your next step! Finish the school year from home to the best of your ability and deal with it as you have no choice. Be grateful all of you come from great families who love you and support you in all you do! Love them back always and be a leader to your siblings!”

-Rio Rancho baseball coach Ron Murphy



“Do not let adversity/negativity define you.  Bigger and better things wait upon the horizon, work endlessly to pursue your dreams.  Take care of your loved ones, and stay safe.”

-Connor O’Toole



“Even though our hearts may all be broken, knowing that each and every one of you is healthy and safe during these uncertain times is what’s most important.”

-Questa Cheer coaches



“I know the pain of today is real and I am sad to say so is the reality of COVID-19. We have talked about controlling everything that is in you power to control in your life. Let all that you have no control over go. I know it may be hard to find a positive learning experience from this situation.
Let me offer this:
Taos Tiger Baseball has always been about building great men, Family members, Citizens. built with Mindsets for overcoming adversity forging into success. Today is your day to shine, use your mindset to overcome and share your strength with your family, teammates, and community. What you do today will shape the road to success for your tomorrow.”

-Taos High School baseball coach Miguel Quintana



“Let’s stay positive and keep praying that our nation heals.  Our cheering doesn’t stop but continues through this tough time.”

-Roswell cheer coaches



“I know at this time it’s hard and disappointing what’s going on and the unknown, but I hope everything I have shown you has mentally and physically prepared you for the ups and downs life has to give us.  There are things we can’t control in our lives, but we weather the storm and keep moving forward and we don’t let it ruin our day and we make the best out of the situation.”

-Highland High School wrestling coach Marco Ortega



“To all the New Mexico High School Cheerleaders, Dancers and Coaches: we are here for you today and every day!  We know you wanted nothing more than to be on The Pit floor showcasing what you’ve got.  Keep your heads up & know that your hard work has not gone unnoticed.”

-UNM Spirit Program



“Now is the time to sit back and take care of yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and socially. Be kind to each other, look out for each other, especially look out for our elderly. Let’s pull together as one group, as one nation.”

-Hobbs Municipal Schools Superintendent TJ Parks



“If it’s one thing that I learned, it was to keep the ones you love close…cherish the moments you have.” -Josh Apocada



“We are more than this and we have proved we can face adversity and keep going!” -Austin Smith

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