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Capitan’s McKenzie Nunez is very involved in her school and community.  She is the Vice President of her chapter of the National Honors Society. She is the senior class secretary, along with an FFA member and 4H member.  She also competes in volleyball, basketball, softball and track at her high school.  You would think she would add diving to the list because she does so much of it.

“I like volleyball because I’m libero and I get to be a part of every play and I get to dive and that’s my favorite part,” said the senior.  “In softball, I’m an outfielder and catcher. So in the outfield I get to dive too.”

“I like the thrill and the rush of it and being able to get something that nobody thought you’d be able to get. They just expect the play to end and you go and save it and brighten everyone’s day.”

If you can’t tell, she’s also pretty driven. “If I set my mind to something I’m going to accomplish it.”

McKenzie would love to play volleyball in college and study animal science and become a veterinarian. With her ‘can-do, go-get-em’ attitude, anything is possible.  “Everything I’ve wanted and everything I’ve gotten, I’ve gotten because I worked hard, not because it was given to me but because I gave myself to that sport or that event whole heartedly.  If someone asks me to do something, I’ll probably do it as long as I’m physically able.”

Multi-sport athletes are common in smaller schools, but it’s pretty challenging competing in two sports in the same season (like softball and track).

“My coaches are really supportive.  I usually do track before I do softball.  So, I go in and run and do a little vaulting and then I go over to softball.  They just finish up their warmups and I just mingle in.”

Pole vaulting is something relatively new to this outgoing high schooler.

“It’s kind of always been on my bucket list and last year I decided to go for it.  I had some friends who were able to help me get the form down and get everything together for it.”

When she’s not competing in sports, McKenzie also finds time to get involved off the playing field.

“I’ve always been in the agriculture region. In 4H I showed goats, dairy heffers and I’m also the fair queen.  I love the people who participate.  I love the drive of the children and everyone wanting to do their best, the morals, everyone’s good.  They say ‘yes,sir’, they say ‘yes, mam’.  They know to respect people and that’s a character trait a lot of people are missing.”

Character, ambition and respect are not traits McKenzie is lacking.  She’s got drive (and dive!).

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