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They’ve won the last seven state titles and going for eight. Silver still stands on top of the softball world.

“The season’s been great so far,” said pitcher Kamryan Trujillo.  “Coming off last year’s win was kind of like a rush.”

Duane Trewern is in his 15th year as head coach.  “Every year is different,” he explained. “A different group of kids but the expectations stay the same, the program stays the same.”

This year is no exception.  Silver is number one and they’re having fun.

“Going into practice, going into games we’re always loose, never uptight or tense and I’ve seen that this year more so than in the past,” Trewern said.

Kamryan Trujillo is putting up some eye-popping numbers.  She leads the state in wins (17), strikeouts (184), ERA (1.18), and she has three no hitters on her resume this season.

“Extremely intelligent, 4.0 kid and makes my life easy,” is how Trewern describes his ace.

Trujillo is left handed which makes it difficult for most batters.

“When I first started I was terrible but because I am left handed people aren’t used to seeing left handed pitchers so I struck out the first three batters, my very first time on the mound so I was like ‘oh, I’m really good!’ and no, I was really bad.”

What’s really impressive is she’s only been playing the game for a couple years. The junior took up softball in the seventh grade.

“Well I actually started softball really late and I actually hated softball.”

The hate has turned to passion. Defending state champs, #1 in the state, but there is pressure to repeat.

“Every year, after every state, as soon as state’s over, we think about ‘well, what about next year?’ So, there’s a lot of pressure because we definitely…there’s a big streak going on so yeah a lot of pressure.”

Silver going for the blue trophy once again.

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