Interscholastic activities are an extension of the classroom.  The NMAA encourages students to take part in as many activities as possible during their years in school.  The NMAA offers 23 different activities that serve as a complement to the academic journey of students. We realize the importance of keeping students engaged during their interscholastic experience and the activities offerings of the Association are diverse and wide-reaching.

All activities must verify students' academic eligiblity. This form, attached to a roster of participating students, should be signed by a school administrator and submitted to the NMAA prior to state competition.

*This form verifies the minimum requirements set forth by the NMAA. Individual schools and/or activities may enforce stricter eligibility requirements. (NMAA 6.1.4 D)
**Schools allowing an ineligible student to participate will forfeit any contests/activities that student(s) participated in.
(NMAA 6.10.1)



Interested in getting media attention for your event or activity? Download the form below and submit it to the NMAA (attn: Dusty Young) one week prior to your event. A press release will be generated and distributed to statewide media outlets.


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