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The Bloomfield High School football squad is unbeaten four weeks into the season and one big reason is the play of their quarterback Ryan Sharpe who has 14 touchdowns in their four wins.

“I think Ryan is very headstrong, he’s got a great knowledge of the game,” said Bloomfield head coach Mike Kovacs.  “He’s really critical of himself.  So, if there’s an error and he comes off the field for an interception or just a bad read, he’s critical of himself.  He learsn on the fly and he takes coaching very well.”

Sharpe missed some playing time last season following a knee injury that required surgery. “Last year about week six, he sustained a knee injury and he battled it throughout the remainder of the season,” said Kovacs.  “He finished the season and did a grat job coming back this summer.  His rehab and work in the weight room and focus with his mental game has been outstanding.”

“It was tough, getting surgery on both my knees,” said Sharpe.  “I knew I’d be back and I feel like I’m back faster than I thought.”

The senior says he grew up idolizing a hall of fame Super Bowl winner.  “Peyton Manning was my favorite quarterback, I was number 18 for the longest time until high school came and then I switched to 10,” said Sharpe.

The jersey number may be retired at Bloomfield, but that doesn’t stop Sharpe from reading defenses like number 18. “Just seeing how far back the corners are, seeing if it’s a single hide, double safety, and seeing how far back the linebackers are playing, that’s pretty much it,” is how Sharpe explained his pre-snap reads.

“QB1 is definitely going to take us where we need to go,” said Kovacs.  “He’s a critical part, but he’s not the only part of our team.  Our O-line this year is averaging six-foot across, we haven’t had size in the O-line.  If you watch any of the tape, you’re going to see our defense is very aggressive up front and they’re going to go after you.”

A big offensive line, aggressive defense, and one Sharpe quarterback, could be a recipe for another deep postseason run for the Bobcats.  Bloomfield (4-0) has a bye this week before hosting Valencia on September 23rd.

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