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Everyone on a basketball team wants to get into a game.  They wait on the bench anxiously to hear their name called to check in.  That moment finally came for Rehoboth Christian freshman Xander Leggett last week in a matchup against Zuni High School.  It was a 62-25 victory for the Lynx, but there is one basket in particular that their coach will always remember.

Late in the fourth quarter, Rehoboth Christian coach Kevin Zwiers put Leggett into the game.  “Xander is one of those kids who you love to have around,” said Zwiers.  “Our goal was to see if we could get him a basket.”

The Zuni head coach saw what Zwiers was doing, and instructed the Zuni Thunderbird players to let Xander score if he got the ball down low.  Xander made the most of his opportunity, got the ball and, after an attempt or two, with his teammates on the sidelines cheering him on, finally scored!  Xander put both his fists in the air to celebrate. The crowd cheered to applaud the effort. “I can tell you it made Xander’s whole year,” said Zwiers of the gesture.

Xander went up into the stands after the game to give his mother a big hug, but it was a moment while leaving the game that caught coach’s attention.  “While walking out of the gym after the game, each one of the Zuni players stopped to congratulate Xander and give him a fist bump,” described the Rehoboth Christian coach.  “It was difficult for me to keep my tears at bay.”

“This has been such a hard year for so many, but the Zuni coach and players provided a moment of light and inspiration.  I was proud to be present,” added Zwiers.

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