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She’s a small athlete at a small school, but Jayme Bustos has a calendar that must be pretty big considering how involved she is.  Bustos takes part in volleyball, cross country, basketball and track and field at McCurdy High School.  “Being involved allows me to be more social and it’s nice to stay active and healthy,” she said.  “I play sports because I’m very competitive and it allows me to express that in a good way,” added Bustos.

Bustos is a senior who has been playing varsity sports since she was in the 8th grade.  Now she serves as a mentor to others.  “Now that I’m a senior, I try to help out those who need assistance,” she said.  “I feel like I’m a leader on the team.”

Teamwork is something that drives Bustos on the court. “With basketball, I just like how competitive it is and how you have to work as a team,” she said.  The same goes for her work on the track in the spring.  “The relays tie in the teamwork aspect of the sports and I like that.”

Bustos will be the first to tell you she won’t stand out in a crowd with her five-foot frame.  During track season, she competes in 4x400m relay, the 3200m race and the high jump and jokes, “Despite being so short I’m actually ok at it.”  Bustos also competes in the distance races, too.  “With track and field, I like how social it is and how you get to meet so many different people,” Bustos explained.  “I like the long distance because you have more of a chance of going farther. You can build your body up to it, you don’t have to be born naturally fast in order to do long distance.”

Bustos remains involved every year because she enjoys the tight-knit community her school has created.  “This school clicked with me because I like how it’s such a family,” she explained.  “Everyone knows each other and everyone helps each other out when they need help.”





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