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“We feel like this is our best team and this is our chance,” said Pine Hill volleyball coach Carlett Daniels.

Pine Hill volleyball coach Carlett Daniels has reason to be optimistic. The Warriors put together their best season ever.

“This season has been amazing and it’s been fun and it’s been challenging,” said senior Cheyanne Harrison.

“From last year to this year is a cool transformation,” said junior Maurie Daniels.

They come into the state tournament with one of the best records of any team in any class.

“This year we’re expected to be there and we want that,” said Daniels.  “We went on a drought for almost 20 years from our last district championship and we won one last year.”

With more wins and more success comes even more fan support.

“The community is excited,” said their head coach.  “We generally have our big fan base was in basketball and now we’re starting to have people follow us in volleyball and it’s something to be excited for.”

Last season Pine Hill reached the state tournament and picked up a first-round win but lost in the quarterfinals.

“We have a lot of girls on the team that were there with us last year at state and so when we get there this year we kind of just know how to put it together more,” said Maurie. “So, I think we’ll be better prepared to go onto the next round or go even further.”

“We’re talking about grades, we’re talking about practice, we’re talking about all those little things to help us so we can focus and maybe do well at the state tournament.”

The Rudy’s Real Texas Bar-B-Q State Volleyball Championships are being played Thursday-Saturday in Rio Rancho.

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