New Mexico High School Athletic Directors Association History

Roy Franklin, Director of Athletics at Gallup-Mckinley, served as Chairman of the Formation Committee from its’ inception. Other members were Gene Wells, Director of Athletes at Hobbs, Steve Graham from Clovis, and Clyde Faucett of Santa Fe. Roy Franklin was given the affirmative to rough draft the constitution. Franklin obtained a copy of the Iowa High School Athletic Directors Association and he borrowed heavily in organizing a constitution for New Mexico.

Jim Hulsman, Director of Athletics at Albuquerque High School, was asked to host the first organization meeting of what was to be considered the Board of Directors. That meeting was organized and the following athletic directors who attended were: Jim Hulsman, Albuquerque High, Roy Franklin, Gallup-McKinley, David Thompson, Las Cruces, John Mirimanian, Mayfield, Derry Moor, NMMI, and Duain Evans, Roswell.

Roy Franklin was the true organizer and at the Albuquerque meeting, he was a unanimous selection by those present to assume the role as the first president of the association. Vice-President was David Thompson of Las Cruces. Those present who assumed the presidency in the following years were David Thompson, John Mirimanian, and Jim Hulsman.

Roy Franklin then presented the constitution. Jim Hulsman proposed that the Athletic Director of the Year Award should go to the outgoing president. This was changed to its present status by unanimous vote. It was explained that documentation shows that previous awards were given by the New Mexico High School Coaches Association. The recipients were Joe Willis, Carlsbad, Steve Graham, Clovis, Clyde Faucett, Santa Fe. These awards were made before the organization of the AD Association. The awards were approved by the Board of Directors of the New Mexico High School Coaches Association. Our state became a member of the national awards system under the direction of Bobby Gibbs, the Executive Director of the New Mexico High School Coaches Association. The Board of Directors of that Association did all nominations for all sports. Now each sport submits their nominee. The outgoing president is now the state nominee for the yearly award.

The constitution was then approved by unanimous vote. This organizational meeting was held at the High Noon Restaurant in Albuquerque. It was catered by the owner, Mr. Charles Villa. The head football coach at Albuquerque High was Mr. Joe Villa, brother of Charles Villa. The Villa family had the group as their guests. A letter of appreciation was unanimously approved to thank the Villa family for their most generous donation to the New Mexico High School Athletic Directors.

The first meeting of the New Mexico High School Athletic Directors Association was led by President Franklin during his tenure, 1978-79. He asked Jim Hulsman of Albuquerque High School to host the first annual meeting. It was held at the Four Season Hotel and the organization was hosted by the General Manager of the hotel, Mr. Bill Koury. Mr. Koury had the organization as his guests. It was a very large turnout of athletic directors. Bill Koury has presented a plaque and was thanked by the membership for his courtesy to the organization. Jim Hulsman obtained the new Director of Athletics of the University of New Mexico, Mr. John Bridgers, as the first guest speaker to appear at the annual meeting.

Annual meetings after 1978-79 were held at the M&W Sporting Goods building in Albuquerque. The meetings were hosted by Mr. Joe Zeni who was the President of M&W. Mr. Zeni was recognized by the Board of Directors for his many contributions to New Mexico athletes. John Mirimainian of Mayfield made a motion that the outgoing president should receive a plaque indicating the past president of the term of office. It would be awarded at the annual meeting in a presentation by the incoming president. The award would be made by the Trophy Company, Box 1234, Mesilla Park, NM 88047. It would be made with the logo of the National Interscholastic Athletic Administration Association using the Zia symbol as a background. The motion was approved by a unanimous vote. John Mirimanian took the responsibility of having the plaque made.

The subject of annual membership was discussed. A decision was reached that the annual fee of membership would be $10.00 per year. The motion was passed, unanimous. It was suggested that a lifetime membership is available. The cost would be $100.00. A replica of the membership card would be made on a metal plate which would have the name of the member engraved and be inscribed as a Life Member. John Mirimanian of Mayfield took the responsibility of having the plaques made. The first two life member plaques were given to the President of the NMADA, Jim Hulsman, President 1982-83, and Dub Goins of Bloomfield, Present 1983-84.


1978-79 Roy Franklin Gallup-McKinley CS
1897-80 David Thompson Las Cruces HS
1980-81 John Mirimanian Mayfield HS
1981-82 Doyle Howell Ruidoso HS
1982-83 Jim Hulsman Albuquerque HS
1983-84 Dub Goins Bloomfield HS
1984-85 Billy Richards Reserve HS
1985-86 Bob Fitt Roswell ISD
1986-87 Al McMillan Silver HS
1987-88 Carlos Viramontes Deming HS
1988-89 James Richards Hobbs HS
1989-90 Buddy Robertson Albuquerque PS
1990-91 Bump Elliott Las Cruces PS
1991-92 Ed Ping Gallup-McKinley CS
1992-93 Dave Fontaine Farmington HS
1993-94 Dennis Casados Capital HS
1994-95 Mike Fulkerson Carlsbad HS
1995-96 Joe Armigo Albuquerque Academy
1996-97 Jack Bonham Gadsden ISD
1997-98 Randy Adrian Clovis HS
1998-99 Lawrence Johnson Alamogordo HS
1999-00 Pam Miller Tularosa HS
2000-01 Gary Hveem Rio Rancho HS
2001-02 Bruce Carver Hobbs HS
2002-03 Dane Kennon Las Cruces PS
2003-04 Robert Abney Los Alamos HS
2004-05 Leonard Velasquez Vaughn HS
2005-06 Fern Spencer Tohatchi HS
2006-07 Chris Pash Farmington HS
2007-08 Ernie Viramontes Las Cruces PS
2008-09 Larry Waters La Cueva HS
2009-10 Doug Santo Loving HS
2010-11 Taryn Bachis Albuquerque Academy
2011-12 Brian Stacy Clovis HS
2012-14 Vicki Nelms Los Alamos HS
2014-16 Cooper Henderson Artesia HS
2016- Mike Huston Eldorado HS – Retired

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