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Longtime music educator Dr. Jason Paulk was selected by the National Federation of State High School Associations as the Section 6 Outstanding Music Educator.  Dr. Paulk is the Director of Choral Activities at Eastern New Mexico University and has impacted several high school programs throughout New Mexico.

A total of 56 individuals have been selected to receive Outstanding Performing Arts Educator Awards from the NFHS, including 22 with Outstanding Music Educator Awards, 21 with Outstanding Speech and Debate Educator Awards and 13 with Outstanding Theatre Awards.

The 22 music honorees include seven section recipients and 15 state recipients. The Outstanding Music Educator Awards began in 1989, and 213 individuals have received section awards and another 394 have been honored with state awards.

Dr. Jason Paulk’s illustrious journey in the realm of music education spans from his roots in Cartersville, Georgia, to his position as the Director of Choral Activities at Eastern New Mexico University. While his accomplishments are vast and varied, it is his impact on high schools throughout New Mexico that truly stands out. During his tenure as the Director of Choirs at Deltona High School in Florida, the ensemble’s growth from a modest 25 members to an impressive nearly 200 underlines Paulk’s transformative leadership. This exponential growth not only reflects the depth of his musical expertise but also highlights his ability to inspire and cultivate a passion for choral music among students.

Transitioning to his role at Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU), Paulk continued to elevate the standards of choral music education, guiding his students towards excellence both in performance and academia. His dedication to mentorship is evident in the numerous ENMU students who have pursued advanced degrees, securing scholarships at prestigious institutions across the nation. Moreover, his commitment to fostering academic growth is showcased by the students who have become published authors under his guidance. This legacy of scholarly and professional achievements underscores Paulk’s dedication to nurturing the next generation of musicians and educators.

Beyond his direct influence at ENMU, Paulk’s impact reverberates throughout the broader choral community in New Mexico and beyond. As a leader within the National American Choral Directors Association and other esteemed organizations, he has championed the advancement of choral music education on a statewide and national level. His contributions, including serving as the Collegiate VP for various associations and as the Column Editor for Student Times in the Choral Journal, exemplify his dedication to elevating the standards of music education and fostering a collaborative spirit within the choral community. Through his leadership and mentorship, Dr. Jason Paulk has left an indelible mark, enriching the musical landscape of high schools throughout New Mexico.

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