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Legacy Academy is only in their second year of football and already they are in the postseason. “Lots of schools start out and it takes years for them to get going,” explained senior running back James Akins.  “We’re in our second year and looking to go into the playoffs strong.”

“It’s nice being the underdog, people don’t know what to expect,” said sophomore quarterback Lorenzo Sedillo-Urban.

“It was expected, but I don’t know if it was expected this quickly,” said head coach Bryan Clampitt.  “when we first started the program, we put a good process in place.  The fact that they picked it up and are executing it as well as they are, has been very pleasing.”

Former University of New Mexico football player Bryan Clampitt is in year two as head coach of the Legacy Academy 8-man football program. The Silverbacks have numbers, with more than three dozen players at practice. “When we came to the school, we brought that passion with us and the kids fed off it and we were trying to find every boy in the school and said, ‘We need you on the team,’ and they were excited because we were excited,” said Clampitt. “They didn’t know what they were getting into, but I think they’re glad they got into it.”

“It’s been a pretty exciting since we’ve been climbing up the rankings every week,” said junior tight end Noah Sanchez.

“I think that everyone didn’t think we were going to be as good because of last year, but we picked it up during the offseason,” said junior lineman Makoa Lapilio.  “We’ve been putting in work and I think it’s showing, right now.  We’re showing everyone who we are.”

Legacy Academy isn’t happy just making the field.  They are looking to justify their spot in the bracket. “Definiately, something to prove with a chip on our shoulder,” said their head coach.  “This year we’re ready to make a splash, make some noise, and get our name out there.  A lot of people said, ‘Who’s Legacy? Where is Legacy?’  Hopefully, after this postseason, they’ll know that we’re here and we’re here to stay.”

The Legacy Academy football program has plans to grow as their school numbers increase with a possible move to 11-man football in Class 2A.  Legacy Academy earned the #2 seed in the 8-man football bracket announced last weekend.  The Wilverbacks will host Clayton in the quarterfinals this Friday.

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