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Belen golfer Grady Cox got his first set of golf clubs when he was 3 years old. “My grandfather was a football player at UNM and got my older brother into golf and then, as a little brother, I followed him,” Grady explained.

He says he loves the creativity of the game. “There’s so many ways you can play the same shot,” said Grady.  “You’re never going to play the same round twice and it keeps you on your toes.  You’re never going to master it.  It’s a new course every time you play it even though it’s somewhere you played a hundred times.”

“I just try to play boring golf, put it in the fairway, put it on the green, one or two putt, that’s the best way to go,” he said.

He might think his golf game is boring, but it’s been pretty good.  His short game has been his bread and butter.  “I’ve never been a long hitter, so I’ve always had to get the short game good,” said Grady.  “I’ve been working on getting a little more (clubhead) speed, but also keeping up that short game because that’s one of my strong suits.”

The junior is a two-time defending state champ and one of the favorites again. “I think there’s pressure, but it’s state, you’re going to feel pressure,” he said.  “I try not to think of it too much, I just try to go out and have fun and whatever happens happens, it’s not up to me.”

There have been three golfers who in New Mexico won three state titles, but we’ve never seen a four-time state champ on the boys side.  “It creeps into your mind a little bit,” Grady said of the possibility of staying on track for four state titles.  “Winning four would be great, but I’m just blessed to have won two.  If I do win three or I do win four or if I don’t win anymore, I’m just blessed to be here and to play.”

Grady finished first at the 4A Preview after posting a 72 for a two-shot victory in the wind.  He’ll play the same course at state in less than two weeks.

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