“This was one of the best moments I have ever experienced as a coach”-Chris White, Goddard Football Coach

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*photo courtesy Facebook/Jessica Chaves Gonzales

The Goddard football team picked up a win on their way to Artesia before they even stepped on the field against the Bulldogs.  The team bus was at an intersection south of Roswell when the coaches and players saw an accident happen.  According to Goddard head coach Chris White, a vehicle ran a red light and hit another car.  “It was bad,” said White.  “One of the vehicles turned over a couple of times and was on its top.”  White said he and the bus driver watched the accident unfold.  “I jumped off the bus and ran to the vehicle that was upside down,” recalled the coach.  “The driver was trapped, but could communicate that he did not think he had a neck or back injury.”

At that point, two Goddard coaches, along with the bus driver and athletic trainer, tried to lift the car enough to free the driver.  The team was on the bus watching the entire event unfold.  A couple players left their seats from the back of the bus and jumped into action.  The rest of the team followed.  The players were able to help flip the car so the driver could safely get out of the vehicle.

White says their athletic trainer, Andrew Aguillar, rendered aid to the driver of the second vehicle after helping lift the car.  “This was one of the best moments I have ever experienced as a coach,” said White.  “I have coached in 8 state championship games and never felt the emotions I felt when I realized what my boys did.  They poured off the bus like ants and ran down in the ditch to help render aid.  It was incredible and I have never been more proud of a group of young men.  I can only say that I’m proud to be a Goddard Rocket.”

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