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Marissa Blair, Olivia King and Samantha Moss are all straight A students at Belen High School who each compete in three sports with the Eagles.

3-sport lettermen who are straight A students, what else could you ask for? How about a nickname for this triple-threat triple-play?

The Jolly Blonde Giant.  That’s what the Belen High School senior trio named themselves.  Olivia is the ‘Jolly’ one of the group because, according to King, “I’m always laughing, smiling and making stupid jokes.”  Marissa is the designated ‘Blonde’ of JBG because she says she has too many ‘blonde moments’.  “I tend to ask the same questions over and over and over,” Blair explained.  And Samantha is considered the ‘Giant’ of the three.  “I’m bigger than the other two, so I’m ok with it,” Moss joked.  “She’s also really strong,” Olivia added.

Regardless of the self-imposed nicknames, these three have been instrumental for girls’ sports at Belen High School.  All of them compete in basketball and track, while Marissa and Samantha moonlight in soccer during the fall and Olivia competes in volleyball.  They each have their favorite.  “My favorite sport is definitely basketball because it’s a physical sport, but it’s also a team sport,” said Moss.  King prefers volleyball.  “It came easier to me,” explained Olivia.  “Basketball is a close second because I have my best friends with me and it’s more like a family.”  Marissa’s top choice would be soccer because she’s “been playing it the longest”.

The bond between them was formed at an early age. Marissa and Olivia went to the same elementary school together and are neighbors.  It wasn’t until the seventh grade when the two met Samantha in math class.  “I was a loner from a different school and didn’t have any friends in that class, but then I met these two” explained Sam.  It’s been a lasting friendship ever since.

“We’re together a lot of the time, our families are super close,” said Olivia.  “We all go to each other’s Christmas.”  Moss agrees.  “We practically live at each other’s houses,” she said.

This trio won’t break up following graduation.  The founding members of JBG all chose to serve our country.  All three of them will enlist in the Air Force following their senior year.  “I think the Air Force interested us because it takes a lot of commitment and physical things we already do in sports and practice and it’s a definite future plan,” explained Samantha.

Back to those grades for a moment.  While all three get A’s on the report card each year, there was one little blemish that does get mentioned.  “My freshman year I took a dual credit welding class,” explained Moss.  “I had straight A’s all semester until the semester exam.  I took a welding exam and I got a C on it.  It brought my semester grade down to a B.  So, now instead of having a 4.0 GPA, I have a 3.92, or something like that, because of that one B in welding class.”  Marissa and Olivia won’t let that B go unnoticed.  “Pick it up Samantha,” joked Olivia.

In all seriousness, these three have some advice for the underclassmen.  “Senior year comes faster than you expect,” said Samantha.  “Just enjoy it while it lasts and work as hard as you can because after you graduate you’re not going to be able to go back.  Put all your effort into it, so you have no regrets.”

“Enjoy it while you can, it goes by fast,” said King.  “And keep your friends close.”

I have a feeling these three will be close for a long, long time.



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