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“I just wanted to make an impact on the freshmen, like a positive impact, and help them with a new campus.”

Pojoaque High School senior Michaela Martinez likes to stay involved.  Whether it’s with the Link Program at her school, or fulfilling her duties as Vice President of the National Honors Society, or competing in the three sports during the school year.

Michaela has been a three-sport athlete in Pojoaque since the 8th grade.  She competes in cross country in the fall, basketball in the winter and softball in the spring.  “My mom was a coach and when I was in the fourth grade and we did a running club,” Michaela said.  “I thought running was a good sport and my dad ran in high school and in college.  He also influenced me to start running.”

“I like that it’s a team sport but also an individual sport.  You can focus on yourself and have other people to back you up as well.  Running helps you take your mind off of a lot of things and makes you stronger for other sports as well.”

Michaela says basketball is probably her favorite of them all. “That’s a sport I fell in love with when I was really young,” she said. “People up here are very passionate about that sport.”  She says the outlook for this upcoming basketball season is good. “This summer when we played, I felt like this is going to be a really good season,” she said.

When it comes to softball, Michaela is one of the most versatile players on the field.  She started out as a shortstop and pitcher and slowly made my way to first base. “They could throw me anywhere,” she joked.

She is also currently in the top 3 of her class academically and has always been very active in community events.  One way she stays involved is through the school’s Link Program.  They help incoming freshman adjust to life in high school.

“When we first come here, we’re really scared,” said Michaela. “So, we have leaders, upperclassmen, like juniors and seniors that go and take us around the school and help us get to know the other freshmen and the teachers.  When I became a junior and a senior I wanted to apply.  I got in.  I just wanted to make an impact on the freshmen, like a positive impact, and help them with a new campus.”

Her advice to incoming high schoolers is to stay active and involved.  “Stay focused during high school,” she said. “And grades DO matter,” she added.  Both are good pieces of advice.

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