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Sometimes it takes a student a little while to figure out what they want.  Once they get involved, they often discover they’re pretty good at something.  In the case of Silver High School senior Marlaynah McDonald, her drive to improve and be the best helped get her to the next level.

McDonald first started playing volleyball in the 7th grade, but she says her passion for the sport didn’t start until her freshman year in high school.  “I wasn’t as serious about volleyball until I got into high school because that’s when there was more competition,” she said.  “I was pushed more by the coaches and my parents that I could do way more than I was telling myself I could do.”

Once in high school, Marlaynah started attending collegiate volleyball camps and discovered her talent level matched that of some of the other players.  “I was seeing how close to the skill level I was to everybody else and that was making me more confident in playing,” she said.  Her abilities on the volleyball court earned her a spot playing at the next level.  The senior has plans to play for her hometown Western New Mexico University volleyball team.

Marlaynah is just as talented in the classroom as she is on the court.  She was the first of her three sisters to be accepted into the National Honors Society.  “It feels like my hard work is finally paying off, being able to keep my GPA at a certain level and play sports” said the proud senior.

Marlaynah wants to pursue nursing as a profession.  “My mom was a nurse and watching her makes me want to do it, too,” said Marlaynah.  “Helping others and impacting their life has a special place in my heart.”

Marlaynah has a message to other students who might want to play at the next level or earn a spot in the National Honors Society.  She encourages everyone to keep pushing. “You can always get better,” she said.  “Don’t stop when you think that’s all you’ve done.  You can always do more.  You can always help someone more.  Just be the best you can and keep going.”

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