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The Los Lunas Tigers are tearing through the competition.

“We’re trying to put a new record on this (program) and leave history here,” said senior Jonathan Aguilera.

The Tigers are one of the top teams in the state.  They seem to do it all.  They find the net and they’re tough to score on.  They’ve only given up more than two goals in a match twice this season.

“I feel what’s doing well right now is our communication on and off the field,” said senior Jordan Arballo.  “We have a great bond with each other.”

“I think we have a balanced team,” added Aguilera.  “Each of us work together so we can build something that we can run off each other in the game.”

Last year, Los Lunas entered the state tournament as a 9-seed and pulled off a quarterfinal upset over #1 St Pius.  Their coach says that victory was a turning point for the program.

“I think every program has a turning point where they do something recognizably that catches the eye of others and, at the same time, a self confidence booster,” said head coach Araclio Chavez.  “That was when we turned the corner.”

They haven’t won a state title since 1983, but this could be the year they get back.

“We want to win, we’re here to win and we want to bring it back for the village of Los Lunas,” said Chavez.

We will find out next month if 1983 repeats itself in 2019.

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