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This past summer, Cloudcroft High School student Ella Puckett was awarded the New Mexico Spirit of Sport honor following her battle with a rare form of ovarian cancer.  The high school junior recently finished her rounds of chemotherapy and is happy to tell us she is cancer free.

“I’m doing really good,” Ella said.  “The last round of chemo was pretty tough, but I am cancer free!”  She admits the multiple rounds of chemotherapy took it’s toll on her physcially, but she continues to recover.  “I got weaker the more chemo I went through,” she said.  “So it was like the chemo got stronger and I got weaker.”  Now she is resting and recovering in the hopes of competing in track and field this spring.

“She had a very rough round of chemo right around finals time in December,” said Cloudcroft Athletic Director Hayden Burnett.  “She showed a lot of strength to show up and fight through the pain and finish her finals.”  According to Burnett, Ella is trying to stay healthy with some running exercises and light physical activity.

When asked if she had any more chemotherapy in her future, Ella gladly responded, “No sir! No more hopefully.”

Here is a look at the original story when Ella was honored with the Spirit of Sport award back in October.


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