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Level Physical Therapy in Albuquerque is one of the newest facilities to help manage athletes who have suffered a sports related injury.

“We wanted to be able to take an athlete, work one-on-one with them, customize their care and make sure they’re getting rehabbed quicker,” said owner Marie Valdez.

Level Physical Therapy’s licensed sports physical therapists and athletic trainers specialize in helping athletes return to their sport in a safe, effective and efficient manner.

“A lot of the things we can do here to help speed things up I like to use a modality called ‘dry needling’ which is taking thin needles and putting it into a specific structure so we can try to calm down inflammation and restore homeostasis in a cellular level.”

Athletic training

Sports Injury Rehab

Flexibility training

They have a wide range of services they perform including FMS.  It’s a screening tool that gives them an idea of how to maximize and athlete’s movement.

“We can actually identify weaknesses and prescribe exercises that address those weaknesses and basically take them to the next level of fitness and performance,” said owner Josh Garcia.

They’re a locally owned therapy facility.

“I did play soccer at Los Lunas High School, way back when, and then ultimately went on to play college,” said Valdez. “So coming back and being able to serve these high school athletes is kind of a big deal and we do like to get ‘em in the door and then get ‘em right back to returning to play as soon as possible and safely.”

“We felt that we would like to contribute, give back, to the community and everything that we’ve learned over the years we’d like to pay it forward to the athletes coming up,” said Garcia.

To learn more visit levelphysicaltherapy.com


Level Physical Therapy is a sponsor of the NMAA

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