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Look up the past state champions in tennis sometime and you’ll find the name Fulgenzi a lot… I mean a lot!

“My uncle Gene was back in ’48-’49 and then my father and my other uncles and my brothers, myself,” explained Robertson coach Warren Fulgenzi. “My father coached the program for 35 years and my younger brother coached it for a number of years, I’m not sure how many…8-10.  And now I’ve been there.”

Warren Fulgenzi is the latest in a long line of Fulgenzi’s leading the Robertson tennis program. It’s truly a family affair.  This year’s program has three Fulgenzi’s, two Marrujo’s and two Sena’s.

“We have a lot of families that continue and bring their brother, their sister, their son, their niece, so that kind of keeps our program alive,” said Fulgenzi.

Warren’s daughter Brandelyn has won four state titles and is going for five this year.  What’s it like being coached by dad?

“It’s fun, sometimes we go head to head,” said the high school senior. “But I know in the end he’s always telling me what’s best for me and doing what’s best for me.”

Father echoes daughter’s sentiments.  “I enjoy it.  I don’t know if sometimes they enjoy it so much because I am a disciplinarian and I ride them.”

Warren’s brother Juan Carlos is a four-time state champ himself.

“My other brother Juan Carlos, his daughters are in third and fifth grade so they’re coming up here in another three years so when we get rid of the older Fulgenzi girls we have another crop coming up.”

So who will coach them? Does that coach have to have the last name Fulgenzi?

“I don’t know if they have to, but I’m sure there will be one around lurking for the job,” joked Warren.

It might not be a requirement to be a Fulgenzi, but it couldn’t hurt.


The NMAA Casas Del Rio State Tennis Tournament begins on Wednesday.

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