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“He’s just a great kid to be around,” is how St. Michael’s baseball coach Auggie Ruiz describes senior Sean Latham.  “I’ve mentioned to the guys, he’s the model guy that I want all our young guys to be.  That’s what I want all our young guys to aspire to be, just like Sean.”

St. Michael’s senior Sean Latham is wrapping up his fourth year of varsity with the Horsemen.  The word that comes to mind when describing him is consistency.

“He’s been that guy that’s been our model of consistency that you know he’s good for 2-3 hits per game and he’s hitting over .500, I think he’s .541 on the year with 20-plus RBIs.”

In the field, Latham would be voted Mr. All-Around, a utility player you can stick anywhere.

“Like today, he’ll play short.  He’s played third, he’ll play a little bit at first.  I can stick him in the outfield.  I think the only thing he doesn’t do is catch.  I haven’t tried him yet but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.”

“I never try to put myself in one category.  I like to say I play everywhere, but I like to pitch.”

Pitching is something he does pretty well too.

“He’s got really good command of the strike zone, all quadrants of the strike zone, good command of his off-speed and he just gives you a quality outing every time.”

“I’m not going to overwhelm you with speed, but on my off-speed and my location, that’s where I’m going to get ya.”

Latham is batting .533 with 21 RBIs.  His ERA is 2.33 with a 43-8 strikeout ratio.  Not to mention, his GPA is a 3.9.  His sophomore season he hit over .600 and he says he’d like to get back to that mark before the end of the year.

“I try to come into every day with the same mentality to play equally or better than I did the day before.”

“He’s been awesome and honestly I wish I could have him for another couple years.”

Coach, you’ll have to settle for just a couple more weeks.  But enjoy him while you have him.

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