Student-Athlete Tip

Don't fool yourself by thinking that summer vacation is a time to relax if you are a high school athlete.  In fact, just the opposite is true.  Athletes are made in the summer.

We've all heard the saying that action speaks louder than words.  I will take it one step further.  Bring words to life.

Many athletes complain about playing time or the opportunity to play.  Summer time is the time to do something about that.  Make this summer the time that you dedicate all your efforts towards becoming better for the next school year!

       - Brought to you by the NFHS

Bylaws Corner

Summer programs are under the direction of the local school/school district. The NMAA does not govern coaching activities during the summer, other than undue influence and guidelines established in 7.5.3.  NMAA bylaw 7.5.1

AD'S Meeting at Coaches Clinic

The meeting of NMAA staff with Athletic Directors that occurs annually at the NMHSCA Coaches Clinic is scheduled for Tuesday, July 28th at 3:15 pm at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.  A separate bylaws session will also be held that day from 11:10 am until 12:00 pm.

Complete information about the NMHSCA Coaches Clinic, including registration information, is available by clicking here.

NFHS Network Support

For all questions related to NFHS Network support, please contact or 877-978-2311.  Customer representatives are standing by at all times to respond to issues and get fans set-up to view their events as quickly as possible.  Additionally, they can answer questions regarding difficulty viewing, inability to find a specific event link, technical issues within a broadcast, trouble subscribing, billing questions, etc..



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