Online Rules Clinics

Rules clinics are now available online for all Fall Sports (Cross Country, Football, Soccer and Volleyball) and for Spirit and AD's.  All head coaches are required to attend their sport Rules Clinic each year.  Failure to do so results in a $100 fine.

The Fall online rules clinics are available from August 1 through August 31.

Student-Athlete Spotlight

One might think that a 17-year-old high school senior would have their mind set on just getting through their final year and then heading off to college.  Although that is the ultimate goal for track and field standout Britani Gonzales, she still has much more to accomplish before leaving the halls of Santa Teresa High School in May of 2015.  Read more...

MaxPreps Support

For all questions related to posting rosters, schedules, results, and team photos on your MaxPreps pages, please contact MaxPreps support at 1-800-329-7324, ext. 1 or via email at

Compete with Class

"Compete with Class" is a New Mexico sportsmanship program designed to help better understand the true value of interscholastic athletics and activities, which is to educate and prepare our youth for the future.  It was developed through a collaboration of athletic directors, coaches and school administrators as well as input from student and adult communities with the purpose of restoring the placement of interscholastic activities in an educational perspective and providing NM with a sportsmanship program that would be embraced and called our own.

The NMAA encourages all member schools to utilize "Compete with Class" materials in an effort to promote and establish a strong culture of sportsmanship based on the core values of respect, integrity, and responsibility.

Compete with Class materials are available here.

NFHSLearn Website Changes

The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) recently launched the new Learning Center website at  The website has a brand new look and functionality.  Please take a moment to read the information from Dan Schuster regarding signing onto the system and registering for and taking courses on the website, such as the required "Concussion in Sports" course.



Aug 1-Aug 31
  Fall Online Rules Clinics
Aug 29
  Director's Cup applications due
Sep 2
  NMAA Activities Council Meeting