Track and Field Rules Clinic

All Head Coaches are required to attend their sport rules clinic each year.  For track and field, the clinic was available for credit from February 1 - 28, 2017.


Click on the units below to review the 2017 Track and Field rules clinic.
  Use your browser back arrow to return to this page and proceed to the next unit.  Be sure to click on Unit V Get Credit for Attending and follow the directions.

Only head coaches are required to attend the rules clinic.  Assistant coaches are encouraged to review the clinic but they are not required to do so.


NOTE:  It is the coaches responsibility to ensure that he/she understands all rules and regulations.  Please carefully read the materials below.

Unit I Introduction
Unit II National Federation PowerPoint (PDF)
Unit III NMAA Track and Field Bylaws
Unit IV Points of Emphasis
Unit V Get Credit For Attending
  Get Credit For Attending-Officials
  Download Officials Clinic Verification Form