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Membership Contracts Due
September 15, 2016



Compete with Class
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NMAA Junior High/Middle School Members:
For a current membership listing, including contact information, click here.
Interested in becoming a member?  Please click here for a membership contract.

NMAA Junior High/Middle School Committee:
This 10 member committee, made up of 2 representatives from each of 5 regions
of the state, meets to consider the total programs at the Junior High/Mid School
level and to give input to the NMAA Commission on those programs.
Click here to view the list of committee members.

NMAA Junior High/Middle School Bylaws:
There are 8 different areas covered in Section IX of the NMAA Handbook, all
related to Junior High/Middle School.  Items such as eligibility and sports
regulations are among the topics covered.  Click here to view the bylaws.

Life of an Athlete:
The NMAA Life of an Athlete education program includes a middle school specific
program.  This program is highly recommended for all middle school athletes
and teaches about the risks of alcohol and other drug use and how that use can
negatively affect athletic performance and aspirations.  This program is geared
toward 6th-8th graders but also provides valuable resources for parents and coaches
to prevent underage alcohol and drug use.  Log onto
for more information.

New Mexico Concussion Law:
Pursuant to New Mexico Statute 22-13-31, all coaches in grades 7-12, players,
and parents must sign off on the NM concussion law.  Coaches must complete the
free online concussion class and print their certificate of completion every school
year (30 minutes).  Click here for the athlete/parent fact sheet.

8th Grade Participation at High School:
Eighth grade participation at the high school level is permitted with the approval of the
local school board.  As per NMAA bylaw 6.4.1 A2, the “8th grade participation form”
must be submitted to the NMAA prior to participation.  Once the election is made to
participate on a high school team, that is the Student’s open enrollment choice.
A change of school attendance after this open enrollment choice will be governed by
the transfer rules outlined in Section VI.  Click here for the participation form.